Nov 12, 2017

Bubblegum Hero By Crimson Pine Games | Released On Nov 9th

Bubblegum Hero By Crimson Pine Games
Released On Nov 9th

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How much gum would a hipster chew if a hipster could chew gum? Who would blow a bigger balloon - a toothless granny or a sumo fighter? Don’t you think it’s about time to find out? Your main goal is to make the right bubblegum balloon. Not too small or it will flop and not too large or it will blast in your face. Make it perfect and you’ll get a combo multiplier and the leaderboard will be yours. Beware though, the higher combo you score, the more difficult the game will get! There are over 20 heroes to pick from. Each one of them is a real bubblegum aficionado and playing as a different hero is where the joy comes from. Especially when you pop the balloon and the gum blasts all over your face! As you may have expected, gums are the most crucial items in this game. On each world, you draw from a different gumball. Each of the gums has a different name, flavor, and skin, as well as properties like points, speed, perfect, range, and cash. In BubbleGum Hero there's also a 'real life mode'! In settings, you can change the mode and literally blow into the microphone. Guess what, you will blow the balloon from within the game! That’s something to show off at the next party!



Easy to grasp controls
Simple and addictive gameplay
5 different worlds to unlock
15 characters and funny animations to unlock
30 bubble gums with different characteristics
Stunning graphics and animations
Music and sounds seamlessly adapting to the current world
Online Leaderboards and Achievements
Realistic mode - play by blowing into the microphone
Apple Watch mini game

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