Oct 13, 2017

Sheep Frenzy 2 Android/iOS Game Play

Sheep Frenzy 2
Android/iOS Game Play

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Have you ever wondered if there’s an alternate universe where animals rule the world? What if… there’s a universe where SHEEP are the rulers of the world? How would they look? Are there magician sheep? Would there be any clown sheep or ninjas? Wonder no more! We have answers for all of these questions! Sheep Frenzy 2 action takes place in the same universe as its prequel. Yes, it’s ridiculous but it’s also real and those animals really need your help. In this sequel, you have an opportunity to rescue 18 different sheeps in 10 different worlds. Of course, each world and each sheep have its own rules, so you will have to learn all of them in order to survive… or actually, in order to rescue your wooly friends. Each of these sheep comes not only with a different outfit, which lets you score better, but literally, each of them has its very own, unique skills. At the beginning, they may seem unpredictable and completely random but you will quickly learn how to distinguish them to adjust your experience to the knowledge you gained in order to improve the chances of rescuing them. Rules are as simple as they used to be. Use just two “buttons” to move the bar and the bar is what prevents sheep from falling into the abyss. They will just bounce right off the bar to the other side. They may seem a little suicidal, but at least you earn points for rescuing them, right?


  • Two tap mechanics (old school handheld style!)
  • Easy to grasp controls
  • 10 different worlds to unlock
  • Over 200 levels to complete
  • 15 Special Sheep to unlock and 30 upgrades to complete
  • Music seamlessly adapting to the current world
  • iCloud sync between devices
  • Available on Apple TV and Apple Watch
  • Stickers

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