Jun 26, 2017

Assassin GO - MMORPG Android Game Play | Test to Play [Failed]

Assassin GO - MMORPG Android Game Play
Test to Play

“Assassin GO” is a location based massively multiplayer online role-playing (MMORPG) mobile game in which players can play in the real cities with real people. 

How to play & attack;

-Green icon is you while red icon symbolize the enemies around you. Your task is eliminating everyone around you. When an enemy is in your range stated as a green circles, red icon turns into yellow where you are allowed to attack as seen on screenshot.
-Once you click attack button, weapon gameplay is activated depending on the weapon you are carrying. You can use knife, pistol, sniper or nuke to attack other users. 


- Play with real people all around the world
- Hunt the enemies with various weapons
- Protect yourself
- Improve your character and upgrade your level
- Collect timehip
- Attend Tournaments and be the best assassin

Story behind "Assassin GO";

"Year 2085… Death is all around the world which is worn out due to third world war and nuclear wars.You have only once chance to protect yourself and to escape from death: Timechip…

Timechips, which are put to humans by states aboveground to take epidemics under control, are captured by hackers and only 30 days are allowed for everybody’s life. Exploring of possibility of time transfer between timechips doesn’t take long. Now humans need luck and time at the same time to live. And you need to steal somebody’s life to get the time; namely you need to kill…Chaos, disorder and an amazing struggle for life…

You should escape from human hunters called “Assassin” which is all around the streets; hide, learn to be murderer and improve your gun usage abilities. Otherwise, you would be hunt as others…Let the game begin…"


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