Apr 17, 2017

Drawn to Death Windows/PlayStation 4 Game | Release On 4th April 2017

Drawn to Death
Release On:4 April 2017

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Drawn to Death is a PS4 arena shooter set in a high school notebook It's set inside a teenager's sketch book, so the world and action embody the juvenile tone of the child's illustrations. Players pick a sketched character and drop them into environments drawn upon the book's pages. Each character will have its own behaviors, passive tendencies, buffs and special attacks.

Like previous games by David Jaffe, especially the Twisted Metal series, the arenas are said to feature multiple secrets to be used as weapons against enemies. Weapons and gameplay mechanics represent a juvenile tone. One weapon is "a lizard that doubles as a flamethrower," a power-up in the game summons the child's hand to interact in the game world. The action is said to be "fast and frantic, allowing players to sprint, double-jump, and reach high vantage points with ease".

Regarding the potential of a weapon progression system, Jaffe says "skill should be the only determining factor. If you've been playing this for a year, and I just come in and I'm awesome at these types of games, the only reason you should win is you know the map better and are more comfortable muscle memory wise. It should never be because you have better weapons."


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