Feb 4, 2017

Mascot Dunks Android Game Play [Launched Soon]

Mascot Dunks
Android Game Play
[Launched Soon]

Download From Play Store :- Click Here [After Release Link will Active]

Dribble, jump and score! Put on your favourite mascot uniform and make some craziest dunks the world has ever seen! And we’ve got plenty of those! We’ve got Pregnant Dunks, Boxing Dunks, Face-Palm Dunks, heck - even Superman Dunks! If you dream all nights about dunks and wake up with sweaty hands then hop on, dress up as Bull and show everyone how to do AirWalk Dunk like a King! Not a Bull type-of-person? No problem - we’ve got Puppies, Lions, we’ve got Astronauts and Bears. We’ve got Diablo if you’re into that kinda things and we’ve got Zombie if last night was a bit too much for you!

Let’s show the world who is the ULTIMATE DUNK CHAMPION!


★ One tap mechanics
★ Easy to grasp controls
★ Simple and addictive basketball-based gameplay
★ Great dunking experience 
★ 31 customizable mascots to unlock
★ Stunning 2D graphics and animations 
★ Realistic music and sounds 
★ Online Leaderboards and Achievements

Video Play

[Updated Soon]


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