Dec 25, 2016

Monster Breaker Hero Android Game Play

Monster Breaker Hero
Android Game Play
 Level Complete
Ultimate Walkthrough

Download From Play Store :- Click Here

Monster Breaker Hero released!
Exquisite collaboration of raising and brick breaking ~

Grow (grow) the princess to run more knights

The princess grows a little more to your operating Knights

The level of the princess goes up the magic attack is stronger

You can rescue many more articles.

For a collection of powerful unique article protect your castle and kills monsters -

Please overcome the crisis with the Princess of Magic

If you have a tired - humorous Bricks Breaker (arkanoid, Breakout) Explore the challenges Monster Breaker Hero !!

Monster Breaker Hero and Monster has a variety of themes are waiting for you.

Sick and tired from ordinary brick breakers? Get healed from playing totaly new brick breaking game, Monster Breaker hero!

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