Nov 4, 2016

New Tap Order 2 Android Game | [Released on 11th November 2016]

New Tap Order 2 Android Game

Download From Play Store :- Click Here


New Tap Order 2 is steampunk inspired, casual multi-tap agility jumper. Player takes control over a triangle-shaped mechanical clock. Main goal is to enjoy tapping. Surviving, collecting points, unlocking achievements comes next. There are many things to collect and watch out for. Player can boost abilities by picking up various items or just smash against deadly spikes and try again. Almost every action counts at the end when summary table comes up. There are lots of achievements to unlock and leaderboards to climb. Hypnotizing custom made music compels player to tap rhythmically to tick-tocking sounds.


  • COLLECTIBLES - coins, flasks, crystals and more. All for you to pick up and use
  • GAME MECHANICS - control game the way you want. Use many fingers or none
  • VISUALS - inspired by steampunk. Brought to XXI century
  • MUSIC and SOUND EFFECTS - specially picked to immerse you in clock world
  • POINTS - get them all!
  • GOOGLE PLAY GAMES - leaderboards and achievements inside

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