Sep 5, 2016

Newborn Chick Baby Nurse Android Game Play

                                      Newborn Chick Baby Nurse

Girls, Have you ever seen the process of unborn chicks breaking shell? If not, you should play this new game right now. You will have a chance to help the hen hatches chickens. Besides, you also can take care of the chicks and dress them.That’s will be very fun to see the chicks coming out. First, put eggs in the hen nest and open the electric heating regulate the temperature of the room. After the eggs hatches, you should put chicks on the ground. Second, take care of the newborn chicks. Newborn chicks should take a bath before eating and drinking water. So you should bath the chicks and then give them some grain and water. Thirdly, you can change the colour of chicks you like or dress up them. The chicks will show you thier dance at last. Come on! 


1. Help the hen hatches chicks 

2. Bath the chick and feed them

3. Dress up the chick 

How to play:

1. Find eggs and put them in the hen nest

2. Open the heatingregulate the temperature ,then turn the eggs over 

3. Clean the eggshell and put the chicks on the ground 

4. Pluck chicks messy hair then help chick take a bath

5. Feed the chick with cereals and give them some water

6. Choose nice accessories for each chicks 

7. Change the colour of chicks



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