Jul 8, 2016

Spotlight: Room Escape Puzzle Game | Full Walkthrough

Spotlight: Room Escape Puzzle Game
Android Game
iOS Game
Windows Phone Game
 Full Walkthrough
[Chapter 2 Released]

New Update
  • Second Chapter First Level Added
Our hero finds himself in a strange place and he must escape . He can't remember who he is but one this is certain, he needs to escape the room alive! Only the smartest shall prevail and survive.
The question now is, can you pass the room and escape?
Combine different items within the game to advance further and find the answer to the main question at hand, who kidnapped you and why?
A fascinating story based quest that will push your brain to think logically and efficiently in order to solve the interesting puzzles and challenging riddles within the game!

Room escape games - this is common detective genre where you must find items and solve various puzzles.
Spotlight : Room Escape brings new impressions in quest genre.

Video Walkthrough [Updated]


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