Jun 5, 2016

Idle Evolution 2 Android Casual Game [May 2016]

Idle Evolution 2
Android Casual Game
[May 2016]

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The sequel to Idle Evolution is now here!
Enter a world where lumber is an infinite resource, animals can be used for hard labour and bathroom breaks are non-existent!
Idle Evolution 2 is an in depth idle/clicker game based on evolving and upgrading your tree through various stages of evolution and using a large amount of upgrades to assist and reward you in the process - The more you progress in the game the more features you will unlock!


•Evolve your tree into multiple evolution stages!

•Hire various characters to assist you and automate tapping!

•Unlock hundreds of different upgrades to progress through the game!

•Levelling system - Unlock new content the higher level you achieve!

•Achievements - Each achievement gives a boost to your stats!

•Randomly find lots of different items that give unique bonuses!

•Advanced prestige system to make the game more rewarding the more you play!

•Upgradeable hold-to-tap feature!

•Offline Progress when the game is minimized or closed!

•Randomly generated scenery and animal life!

•Suitable for tablets!

•Updates based on player suggestions and feedback!

- Made using Game Maker Studio


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