Apr 16, 2016

Secret Agent : Hostage Android/iOS Game Play - Full Walk through [Step by Step Instruction]

Hai Hackbalerzzz,

Now we are here with a real video game play with puzzle.

App Store Link:- Link
Play Store Link :-Link
Full Walk through on YouTube :- Link

Full Description [Step by Step]:- Link

Play Store Description
Unlike the games you’ve played before, Secret Agent is an interactive real video (First person view) and role-playing puzzle game. Are you ready to be an agent?
In this 100% real-life action game , you will:
- solve puzzles
- find secret passwords
- trust your reflexes
- use gyroscope and much more.
Secret Agent: Istanbul is also gives you a chance to see Istanbul’s historical places such as Galata Tower, Sultanahmet and much more. Be ready to see old places and feel the history! Download now and have fun.
Supported Languages: English, Turkish, japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, Russian.

Full Walk through

All Level

Level by Level Videos are Here

Mission Accepting

Escape in the Car

Tap Right

Top Secret Cover Open.
Find Mobile Number

Accept Briefcase

Unlocking Briefcase

Unlocking I Pad

Accept Call

Go to Mr.Evil Place

Find Mr.Evil

Keep an Eye on Mr.Evil

Follow Mr.Evil

Unlocking Me with Help of Light Blinking Count

Unlocking Lady

Defuse Bomb


  1. Excellent game.gor more game please visit


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